Flooring in Charlotte NC

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Carpet Installation in Charlotte

From Berber, Frieze and Cut Loop to Textured Plush, carpet is easy on the budget, allows for a quick install and is easy to maintain.

There are several styles of carpet, as follows:

  • Plush and Texture - This is a cut pile, traditional carpet.
  • Pattern - A cut and looped combination provides patterns and texture.
  • Frieze - Often called Twisted, this carpet offers a shag appearance.
  • Berber - A low profile loop construction that is often selected for high traffic areas.
  • Loop - Uncut loop carpet is a more basic carpet with a low profile and high density.

Our carpeting is made with Nylon, Polyester, Olefin/Polyproplylene, Triexta, or Wool, dependent upon product and manufacturer.

Be sure to select a carpet padding that matches the quality of your carpeting. Not only does a quality padding offer greater comfort for footsteps, it also offers a layer of insulation and provides support for looped fibers which helps extend the life of your carpet.

For a quote for carpet installation in Charlotte, call (704) 448-6709.