Flooring in Charlotte NC

hardwood flooring charlotte, nc

Hardwood Flooring in Charlotte

A favorite among many, solid hardwood is a common choice for high end flooring. Hardwood floors offer long lasting beauty with the ability to resurface and refinish to continue looking great for decades.

Common hardwood species are as follows:


Boards come in three-quarter inch thickness and you may select from a variety of widths. Some flooring products also offer boards with varying widths to be installed together on the same flooring system.

Benefits of Hardwoods
Ability to be resurfaced for a brand new finish many times.
Extremely durable and high quality product.

Drawbacks of Hardwoods
Some installs will not allow for hardwoods, depending on the home.
Being a solid, natural wood, hardwoods have more expansion and contraction with weather changes.
Cannot be installed below grade.